No Boundaries

That it's all for a good cause is undeniable....

That it’s all for a good cause is undeniable. That it’s all in bad taste is equally true. ‘No Boundaries’ is what Epic’s chairman calls “the first collective response of the international music community to the crisis in Kosovo”, a sentence that says everything you need to know about this album’s ponderous charity. Various

If you don’t feel the need to listen to The Wallflowers or Korn under usual circumstances, it seems ridiculous to start now. It doesn’t make you a bad person.

Apart from Neil Young, the ‘international music community’ naturally appears to be British and American megastars (the Manics’ alternative version of ‘She Is Suffering’ and Suede’s, yes, alternative version of ‘He’s Gone’ will be dropped for the US market). An ‘international’ vision that means the tie-dye Bridget Jones wailing of Sarah McLachlan and the Indigo Girls; the dubious sensitivity of allowing Black Sabbath to contribute Danny Saber’s remix of ‘Psychoman’; and both sides of Pearl Jam’s 1998 Christmas single ‘Last Kiss’/’Soldier Of Love’, which might be the one unique selling point.

Through gritted teeth: all for a good cause, though.