Paintin’ The Town Brown – Ween Live ’90-’98

There's something vaguely distasteful about [B]'Paintin' The Town Brown'[/B]....

There’s something vaguely distasteful about ‘Paintin’ The Town Brown’. Depravity hangs around this live retrospective of America’s oddest rock’n’roll duo like a bad smell. There are worse culprits to blame for America’s decline than [a]Marilyn Manson[/a], and the evidence is right here, in over two hours of protracted scatalogica.

There’s ‘Japanese Cowboy’: a song about masturbation recorded with an authentic Nashville line-up, it’s delivered with such a cheerful, shit-eating grin that the casual observer could mistake it for, say, Garth Brooks -at least until it segues into a cover of ‘Chariots Of Fire’. There’s ‘Mister Would You Please Help My Pony?’, introduced by one of the Ween brothers as “a song about a boy and his little pony”, in which the pony dies of a lung disease, gleefully reported to the strains of a Van Halen-esque guitar solo.

Ween are never big, they’re certainly never clever, and when they’re funny, it probably involves them poking some poor, defenceless animal with a shitty stick. ‘Paintin’ The Town Brown’ is utterly depraved white-trash black humour, and if it riles America’s moral majority, then so much the better. It’s all good dirty fun, y’know? But after the 30-minute rendition of ‘Poopship Destroyer’, even the most liberal of us may feel like scrubbing ourselves clean.