Hit The Town

It's one thing saying they don't make music like they used to. But [a]Ricky Spontane[/a] actually mean it....

It’s one thing saying they don’t make music like they used to. But [a]Ricky Spontane[/a] actually mean it. If you hadn’t already guessed from their name, they do rock’n’roll as it was invented. This isn’t another band fixated with The Beatles, we’re talking Eddie Cochrane and rocking round the proverbial clock.

In fact, they sound like they’ve just been transported straight from a school dance hall, decked out in quiffs and golden jackets. They may really look like five Britfops poised for guitar jangling but their glitzy, riff-strewn second LP actually combines ’50s glitz with rickety late-’80s indie. Honestly.

The result is sometimes disastrous, occasionally brilliant and always downright bizarre. It’s a bit like listening to Dave Gedge doing Buddy Holly‘s cheesiest numbers in ‘Domino’ and ‘Good Things’ – nothing profound about it, just the odd decent tune and an obsessive desire to have a laugh with them. Unfortunately, that means [a]Ricky Spontane[/a] are little more than a comedy band, as pointless as Gold Blade and as uninspiring as the Inspiral Carpets in ’50s fancy dress. Good fun, yeah, but hardly the revolutionary force it might have been 40 years ago.