N***a Please

How to make an [a]Ol' Dirty Bastard[/a] cocktail: take one part [a]Shaun Ryder[/a], two parts [a]Rick James[/a], half a teaspoon of [B]Iggy Pop[/B] and a dash of [B]Barry White[/B]....

How to make an [a]Ol’ Dirty Bastard[/a] cocktail: take one part [a]Shaun Ryder[/a], two parts [a]Rick James[/a], half a teaspoon of Iggy Pop and a dash of Barry White. Mix them up in a crack pipe and cook until boiling point in your Wu-Tang Clan microwave oven. BINGO!

To say that Ol’ Dirty‘s had a tough time of it over the last two years is an understatement. Outrageous multiple police ‘busts’, weekly court dates for ‘terrorist threats’ and now an enforced stay in rehab for possession of crack would finish off many lesser souls. So the fact that he’s made this year’s most brilliant, entertaining, catchy, funky rap record is amazing, isn’t it?

Well no, because Ol’ Dirty, aka Big Baby Jesus, aka Osirus, aka Russell Jones, the father of 13 children, seems to be thriving on the madness.

“None of y’all niggas can fuck with me/All y’all niggas loving me/Mr courageous ODB/You need to recognise he’s a P-I-M-P”, is his opening salvo on this, his second solo effort. Hardly the words of a broken man, are they?

The freshest-sounding Wu-Tang release for ages, ‘N***a Please’ is at turns hilarious, filthy and inspirational. Whether he’s sampling the theme from [I]TJ Hooker[/I] on ‘I Can’t Wait’, covering [a]Rick James[/a]’ ‘Cold Blooded’ or the jazz standard ‘Good Morning Heartache’, Ol’ Dirty‘s running at full steam, grunting, yelling, singing, laughing and not giving a flying fuck for the consequences.

To hear him roaring: “Sing it!/Sing it girls!/Just sing it RIGHT NOW!” on the hard-as-nails funk anthem ‘Got Your Money’ is to hear the raw, unrestrained SOUL POWER of this man in full effect. It’s awesome.

Critics dismiss Ol’ Dirty as a sexist, idiotic clown, but when he’s rapping: “Radios play this all day every day/Recognise I’m a fool and you love me”, you know who’s having the last laugh. And it sure isn’t the cops, the courts, or the “bitch-ass niggas and bitch-ass nigga-ettes”.

Just like Iggy, Shaun, Rick and Barry before him, Ol’ Dirty‘s a true original and for that, an American national treasure. Perhaps the establishment will treat him like that one day.

In the meantime, you know his name, now give him the money.