As [a]Radio 1[/a] reinstates the rock show thanks to the hoary old beast's renewed commercial success...

As [a]Radio 1[/a] reinstates the rock show thanks to the hoary old beast’s renewed commercial success, it should be the perfect time for this reappearance. The gruesome foolishness of men whose backs now creak more than their leather trousers, however, is no respecter of fortuity.

Stretching the term supergroup way beyond its dictionary definition, [a]Coloursound[/a] are Billy Duffy of The Cult, and Mike Peters from sub-Clash copyists The Alarm. Given such inauspicious personnel it’s hardly surprising this is a tired and watery mix of those bands’ heavy riffing and charmless bombast respectively.

It gets worse as they acknowledge the past decade. Because, against their own transitory influence, you’d expect them to be fascinated with U2‘s longevity, but there’s no call for giving us a chilling glimpse of how Embrace might sound after ten years’ LA exile (‘For The Love Of‘), or debasing and disembowelling the Manics‘ ‘Australia‘ on ‘This Life‘.

Yet for those of you who consider the music business evil, this offers brief hope. Duffy and Peters had to set up their own label to release it, thereby suggesting the entire A&R community had a rare moment of collective taste and refused them a deal. Good intentions, sadly, aren’t always enough.