Hope And Adams

Making [a]Wheat[/a]'s second album can't have been easy....

Making [a]Wheat[/a]’s second album can’t have been easy. Its predecessor, ‘Medeiros’, was already welterweight champion at tender melancholy and modest to a fault. But the weight of expectation, from here to hometown Taunton, Massachusetts, was doubtless nothing compared to the sheer mind-numbing effort of stirring up the lukewarm, lovelorn syrup that is ‘Hope And Adams’.

(‘Don’t I Hold You’). It’s honest and it’s real, and Dave Fridmann, fresh from producing Mogwai, has even added extra starchiness to stop it all sounding too much like Don Henley‘s ‘The Boys of Summer’ played too slow. But at some point you begin to fear that with ‘Hope And Adams’, they might as well have meant Bryan Adams. Because you’d have to be quite a sap to find [a]Wheat[/a]’s thinly-disguised AOR as touching as they’d like it to be.

Excellent people to have on Neighbourhood Watch, not quite so good at breaking out of the tediousness of their genre, [a]Wheat[/a] are the obligatory moment of pathos in a glossy romantic comedy. Bring on the laughing gas.