I Want It All

He might carry a gun, but, like [B]The Krays[/B] before him, multi-platinum gangsta [a]Warren G[/a] still loves his mother....

He might carry a gun, but, like The Krays before him, multi-platinum gangsta [a]Warren G[/a] still loves his mother. Hell, the flip to the moody cover of this album is Warren as a toddler, cradled in the arms of Mrs G senior.

For the most part, ‘I Want It All’ finds Warren revisiting the slick, luxuriant G-funk which he innovated with the likes of ‘Regulate’. Each track boasts at least two guest rappers to lend the beats some raw ‘street’ flavour, Kurupt & Crucial Conflict‘s rhymes on ‘Dollars Make Sense’ being the stand-out, with the likes of Snoop and Nate Dogg, Slick Rick and Eve also on hand for hard-edged verbiage.

However, at the heart of the opus is a track dedicated to G’s mum: ‘My Momma (Ola Mae)’, a soppy paean with G himself barking on the mic, [I]”My Momma! My Momma! My Mom-Mom-Momma!”[/I] by way of a chorus. It’s bizarre, to say the least; it’s something of a task to get down and funky singing about yer mum.

So, whenever Warren’s dropping glossy street reportage, boasting about his ‘operations’ or roll-calling his copious romantic conquests, one forever anticipates a swift slapping from a disapproving Mrs G, sternly castigating her son’s lifestyle and choice of career. Which kinda fatally undermines his shmoove gangsta persona, not to mention this LP.

Hey G. Word to your momma. But I think we’ll just pass this time, eh?