All Systems Go 2

[B]'All Systems Go 2'[/B], as the title suggests, is Rocket's second compilation of tracks trawled from various scarce seven-inches, odds, sods and B-sides...

As any psychiatrist will tell you, it’s not what’s on display that reveals a person’s true character, rather the things they discard or try to hide.

‘All Systems Go 2’, as the title suggests, is Rocket’s second compilation of tracks trawled from various scarce seven-inches, odds, sods and B-sides. Cynical rip-off fan-fleecing, you’re no doubt thinking, but you’d be wrong. For ‘All Systems Go 2’, like The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion‘s recent, unfairly maligned ‘Acme Plus’ collection, is somehow the clearest, most focused distillation of Rocket From The Crypt’s dizzying diesel spirit yet.

The 25 songs contained herein are all throwaways. Regardless of their quality (and they are fi-i-i-ine), they are tracks Speedo and co recorded, and subsequently decided would NOT grace the ‘Scream, Dracula, Scream!’ or ‘RFTC’ LPs. They are not meant for general consumption, but, until now, have been snuck away to be discovered by dedicated Rocket fans trawling the racks.

So this is what Rocket From The Crypt sound like when they think no-one’s listening. Unfettered by any desire to create a ‘sellable’ product, any pressure to possibly compete for the affections of the dullard greater public, these shards of unbridled, unadulterated garage-growl together form a 70-minute symphony of shitkicking shimmy and shake. It’s like following the greatest, finest rock’n’roll riff through an hour or so, never changing and never grating.

And the charismatic energy which flows through the likes of ‘Tarzan’ (nigh on the [I]perfect[/I] specimen of RFTC genius), ‘Crack Party’, ‘Cut It Loose’ or ‘US Aim’ (to name but four) is enough to forgive the fact that Rocket, at heart, have but one song. ‘ASG2’ is proof that the essential magic of Rocket is found more in the way they play their songs, rather than the songs themselves.

File alongside ‘Kick Out The Jams’ and ‘Raw Power’ and Bad Brains’ ‘Rock For Light’. All hail the rock savant.