Little Lost Soul

With fear, of course, there's always fascination and this is no exception...

Wanna hear something really scary? Not bloodcurdling, perhaps, but a bit of low-level anxiety that, if gone unchecked, can bloom into full-on psychosis. You know the sort of thing: what’s that scratching sound? What’s that shadow at the window? Did you make sure the doors are locked? And by the way, anyone seen the cat recently? See, ‘Little Lost Soul’ is a record almost entirely constructed from Matt Elliott‘s (aka The Third Eye Foundation) sampled collection of ‘things that go bump in the night’ cut together with a fine sense of those stomach-flipping “What the fuck was that?!” Blair Witch movie moments. For a once righteous drum’n’bass scientist he seems very well-versed in the black art of the [I]danse macabre[/I], and these seven tracks appear engineered to create maximum unease, giving rise to a delicious rumour round these parts that this is an album written in order to scare children.

With fear, of course, there’s always fascination and this is no exception. The sepulchral ‘Half A Tiger’ mixes Photek with Hungry Ghost to create a perfect soundtrack for an investigation of Jeffrey Dahmer’s drainage system. Elsewhere gothic Western epic ‘Lost’ replaces the drums with guitars and cymbals alongside vocals which might well belong to that Spanish dancer frozen in all those charity shop paintings. It’s only final track ‘Goddamit You’ve Got To Be Kind’ that provides some sort of relief, the wailing voices which fear out the rest of the record fading away, replaced with a warming electronic sunrise.

‘Little Lost Soul’ isn’t quite the reconstructed goth of hipsters Death In Vegas or Luke Slater. It also lacks the hot breath and choking fumes of Godspeed You Black Emperor!. It’s more detached, as if Matt Elliott has spent his time down in the basement with a psychic radio, scanning the afterworld for voices and interference. Amid the queasiness there’s also immense calm. A post-rock D&B seance. Just make sure you listen to it with the lights on.