Well, fuck you too, [B]Sean[/B] - for a minute, we thought you had something here...

Ah, the glory of the great comeback. The Messianic return of [a]Richard Ashcroft[/a], the noble re-emergence of [a]Kraftwerk[/a], the guns-blazing paratrooper assault of the Scream‘s ‘Exterminator’. And, uh, let’s not forget Sean Dickson, ex-singer of baggy chancers The Soup Dragons – back with new outfit The High Fidelity, eight years after his previous group slid quietly away. Sorry, this just isn’t working, is it?

But ignore that for a second: in Dickson‘s mind, ‘Demonstration’ is a ticker-tape parade for the ultimate indie resurrection. And such is his self-belief, for a second it looks like he’s going to pull it off – nowhere more so than on the lush Mellotron-riddled gospel of ‘Ithanku’, where Sean personally accosts everyone that’s ever bought one of his records, brought up his name in conversation, or lent him a quid for a cup of tea – and kisses them hard upon the lips.

Elsewhere, ‘Luv Dup’ and ‘Oddysey Of A Psychonaut’ provide the requisite grandiose, effects-laden indie thrills. Sadly, though, ‘Demonstration’ tails off, Delakota-esque, over the last half-hour, and what’s more, Sean knows it. [I]”A capital F to all of you”,[/I] he rasps bitterly on forgettable kiss-off ‘Never Bollocks The Mind’. Well, fuck you too, Sean – for a minute, we thought you had something here.