Back To Mine

...from here it's just one small step to 'Zok Ball's Balearic Anthems'...

They’ve seen you baby, shaking that ass, and they want more of the action. So, after soundtracking last year’s Ibiza with ‘At The River’, the band [a]Fatboy Slim[/a]’s missus thinks are “rilly brilliant” have followed the rules of the compilation mix album (as represented by the ‘Back to Mine’ series) to the letter and kept their targets suitably low.

Accordingly there’s only one true aim here – to be packed in a million suitcases alongside suntan lotion, hopeful condoms and trashy airport novels. It hits home with ease. Because only when light-headed with sun and preposterous cocktails would you want to listen to this soporific chill-out album.

So whether scrubbing the glitz out of Sir Raymond Mang‘s dizzy disco, contributing their own sleepwalking tinkle ‘Your Song’, or decelerating some ancient house, the pulse barely rises above lethargic. True, Al Green‘s sermon’n’Stax version of The Doors‘Light My Fire’ and the – natch – horizontal hip-hop of A Tribe Called Quest and Roots Manuva briefly threaten to up the stakes, but when the unredeemably anodyne Mica Paris is considered worthy of inclusion, little can help.

Have a torrid holiday fling with it if you must, but you won’t respect yourself in the morning. Because from here it’s just one small step to ‘Zok Ball’s Balearic Anthems’.