The Berzerker

News just in on the pop-shock wire! [B]The Bloodhound Gang[/B] have an LP named [B]'Hooray For Boobies'[/B]....

News just in on the pop-shock wire! The Bloodhound Gang have an LP named ‘Hooray For Boobies’. Mark Morriss says that his grandparents don’t like foreign people much. Oh, and here’s a fellow named The Berzerker. He looks about 400 years old. He doesn’t have a nose. He’s a being “formed from elemental hatred”, and he has a song called ‘Cannibal Rights’, the gist of which is ‘it’s alright to eat people, because people are scum’.

Yeah, The Berzerker, in the very realest sense, has a bone to pick. He’s not prejudiced, though – he’s just got a problem with humanity in general. And on ‘The Berzerker’, he means to express this misanthopy, via the medium of industrial gabba.

So far, so fucking stupid, then. But in an age where nu-metal has become just another game of Top Trumps – see Slipknot‘s inspired ‘we’ve got nine members, and we all wear masks’ trick – The Berzerker‘s facial prosthetics, like fellow rubber-faced industrialist Mortiis, looks like some kind of a masterstroke. Never mind that the music’s bobbins – there’s a song here called ‘Chronological Order Of Putrefaction’ that follows the pallor of a corpse through each stage of decay. And ooh, that’s such a good look.

This is my truth. And yours, it means nothing, human worm.