Dirty Harriet

Dirty Harriet, as she's also known, uses rap as a weapon....

Harriet Tubman? She helped African-Americans escape slavery in the Southern states through the ‘underground railroad’ network. Now, 2000 finds[a]Rah Digga[/a] casting herself as Harriet Thugman, on a mission to stand up for the rights of ghetto females and thugs. Dirty Harriet, as she’s also known, uses rap as a weapon. And this single mother and member of Busta Rhymes’ Flipmode Squad clique, prefers to use a pen to drop bombs on adversaries and competitors alike.

With a deep brassy voice, that feels like she gargles with molasses, and an aggressive flow, the top-notch beats are made secondary to her verbal pugilism. Every cut is also uptempo, apart from the hilarious soul ballad parody that foreshadows ‘F**k Y’all N*gg*s’, and she’s so much larger than life comes over cartoon-like.

She’s for real, though. Dance forays like the pummellin’ ‘Do The Ladies Run This…’ and the adrenalin overdoses of ‘Imperial’ can only serve to consolidate the New Jersey native and part-time Outsidaz‘s strong position. What Rah Digga does best is literally spit venom, as evinced by ‘Straight Spittin’, Part II’, complete with dropped saliva samples on the beat. And with more metaphors than the average dictionary, who can begrudge her success?