Director: Ed Bye

Top one, matey ...

Kevin and Perry are two typical (permanently priapic, badly dressed and invariably scowling) teenage male virgins who decide to go to Ibiza and become top DJs so they can “get some”.

Oh dear. We all know that Britcoms make shit flicks, but a 30-second skit stretched into an entire movie buggers belief backwards, surely? Well no, actually. Enfield and Burke‘s crater-faced comedy creations (ably supported by a fine cast and a host of utterly disgusting shit, zit, cock and bollock gags) not only manage to keep it up for the full 82 minutes but also offer to sleep in the damp patch afterwards. Bless them.

In the preview theatre the bitter ole hacks who came to mock instead chortled and guffawed while the groovy young dudester from [I]DJ [/I]magazine quite literally screamed in epiphanic ecstasy that this film told the “TRUTH about disco culture”. And that’s …[I]Go Large'[/I]s strongest selling point – it’s the only ‘rave’ movie made so far that doesn’t consist of a bunch of hippies sat around talking cod-profound bollocks. OK, so maybe [I]K&PGL[/I] might have made a better TV special than a movie but as a wryly amusing take on both the agony of uncool adolescence and a hilariously and wilfully seven-thumb fisted parody of the dance scene, it’s well worth the cost of a cinema ticket.

In fact it’s worth a fiver of anybody’s money to see Rhys Ifans‘ evil bastard manc DJ baddie, Eyeball Paul, repeatedly upend a bottle of freezer-chilled Absolut into his left peeper (“It gets into the bloodstream quicker”) and scream, “TWAT!”.

Top one, matey (etc).