Hidden Cinema Soundtrack

You're advised to rent a video...

It’s a film, then, but without any pictures. Or story. Just as [a]Barry Adamson[/a] has dragged us around the murky Manchester of his mind, and, in [a]David Holmes[/a]’ sweaty palms, New York City became a ripe, cinematic clichi of street steam and neon, so [a]Foehn[/a] – aka Bristol’s Debbie Parsons, former partner in Third Eye Foundation with Matt Elliott – grapples, ostensibly, with the pretensions of the ‘imaginary film soundtrack’, traditionally a license to make a concept album with only the vaguest of concepts in mind.

Less an FX-fed blockbuster, more a gruelling black-and-white docu-drama about Helsinki fishermen in the 1890s shot on someone else’s antique Super-8, [a]Foehn[/a]’s third album in as many years is a crudely constructed collage of domestic sounds (broken bottles, rustling paper, the telly) and determinedly lo-fi atmospherics (rumbles, drones, occasional use of melody).

What we have, of course, is an awful lot of dreary clanking and tirelessly obtuse noises made barely palatable by the inclusion of prettier tracks like the jaunty ‘Pour Vous Timide Voyou’ or ‘To The Forgotten Forest Deep In Space’, a breath of Third Eye-wheezed synth malevolence. These, it is suggested, are the sounds Parsons hears when she closes her eyes. You’re advised to rent a video.