Nightmare Scenario

Let's face it. This is the true sound of speed garage.

Change isn’t always good for you. Take Ohio’s sleazoid kings of the full-tilt fuzzbomb, the [a]New Bomb Turks[/a]. If they, for instance, ever considered a move out of their mite-infested basement and into some velvet-rampant uptown condominium with en suite pop sensibilities we, they, would all reel back in horror at the subsequent crimes against integrity.

So, rest assured dear noise disciples, after three gold stars for a clutch of equally ravaged, hardboiled records ‘Nightmare Scenario’ does it all over again. With rusty, gnarly knobs on.

Like [a]MC5[/a] or the Stones writhing on the pimply face of early DOA, yapping-dog Eric Davidson and his posse of filthy hombres strip rock’n’roll to its barest bones, taking great care to make use of every last atrophied sinew, every fist of gristle. Sure, there’s the occasional (and much welcome) glimpse of walking-pace, heartbroken angst, but ‘NS’ is, ostensibly, sex music. Primitive, dirty, fast, unsafe sex. In back alleys.

So ‘Point A To Point Blank’, ‘Turning Tricks’ and just about every other song here feeds subtlety to the dogs, riffs like crazy, pulls Mick Jagger faces and thrusts insolently idiot-savant melodies so far down your throat you’ll be shitting Rocket From The Crypt for breakfast.

Let’s face it. This is the true sound of speed garage. And the [a]New Bomb Turks[/a] are one of a growing number of its nu-skool recruits.