On The Floor At The Boutique – Mixed By The Midfield General

... this is a refreshingly low ego, high quality production...

After two previous rubber-ankled offerings from [a]Fatboy Slim[/a] and the [a]Lo-Fidelity Allstars[/a], the ‘…Floor…’ series goes over to Skint‘s own Chunky Controller, Damian Harris. Now that all the world and their sports programme are in thrall to the fat syncopation dealt out by Boutique-bred superstar DJs, the Midfield General‘s vinyl mash-up comes as a smart reminder of the first principles of big beat. Namely, a kite-high time, built from the low-slung breaks of old hip-hop, the muscular builds of techno and warm soul licks.

Against the dumbed-down odds, then, this is a classy affair – with neglected soul (Gwen McRae), Daft Punked house, classic hip-hop and hard-stepping drum’n’bass shapes. Mulder‘s ‘Don’t Give A Damn’ phases into Prisoners Of Technology‘s ‘Breakdance’ for maximum bassbin damage; as a historical counterpoint, LFO‘s ‘Tied Up’ gets extremely hectic halfway in. There’s a bit of own-drum beating, of course, in the form of the excellent ‘General Of The Midfield’ and an ace Super_Collider remix, but this is a refreshingly low ego, high quality production. General, we salute you.