Early Days

...this wallowing, femi-miserable, joss-stick mystical, sub-[B]Joni[/B], "fa-la-la-la" womb-folk is not going to stop the lads' teasing.

“You know the one, sang on Air‘s ‘Moon Safari’? Nice pair of lungs as I recall.” Ah the siren-like call of the Reviews Ed can dress mutton as lamb and call it veal and, well, have you listening to the thing you most hate.

Regardless of her association with the splendid Air (her lent vocals did indeed sound enigmatically delightful) the terrible female singer/songwriter generic amalgam-ness of the name alone should signal with nuke submarine alarm bells, even to the most moderately sentient, the awfulness of her game.

– from ‘Mary The Angel’).

So she’s got the au pair market covered and that’s fair do’s, and there’s no denying that she has a fine voice, lilting, lovely and ever so sorrowful… Whatever floats the boat, right? Hell, no.

Hey, girls, sick of jock rock? Songs about titties an’ bitches an’ ho’s? Yeah? Wotcha gonna do ’bout it? One thing’s for sure, this wallowing, femi-miserable, joss-stick mystical, sub-Joni, “fa-la-la-la” womb-folk is not going to stop the lads’ teasing.