View From Masada

Preaching not from the old skool but the Old Testament..

Always something of a 12th man to the fully fit Wu-Tang First XI, one playa New York’s [a]Killah Priest[/a] does have on his side is God. Preaching not from the old skool but the Old Testament, the word on the street for much of the Priest‘s second album is redemption. And the man dispensing the deliverance is KP himself, who seems more intent than on 1998’s forgettable ‘Heavy Mental’ LP to get jiggy wit tha ecclesiastical rhetoric and confused biblical metaphors.


Killah isn’t quite Jesus, though: he’s Masada, an exciting new alias which stands for Most Analysing Situations And Drama Artistically (nope, us neither). Assisted briefly by Canibus and Ras Kaas, and through the medium of gentle Spanish guitar licks mixed with generic beats production, the message he promotes is familiar and not especially original. ‘Rap Legend’, ‘Places I’ve Been’, ‘Live By The Gun’: this is [a]Killah Priest[/a]’s life, it’s been tough. But it’s also been pretty dull.