Before… But Longer

[B]'Before... But Longer'[/B] is embittered, dramatic, fragile yet utterly self-assured.

Hours turn into days, days turn into months, months turn into years. It’s the eternal timeline of misery, constant and unforgiving. But one man’s sadness is another man’s ripe songwriting fodder, and John William Grant of The Czars veritably thrives on those lingering, empty moments of ennui-ridden despair. He’ll buy a drink just to stare into it – and The Czars‘ second album, ‘Before… But Longer’ is the sound of the most depressing moments of his life congealing in the bottom of his glass.

, in a bruised, fallen-angel falsetto.

He’s lying, of course. ‘Before… But Longer’ is embittered, dramatic, fragile yet utterly self-assured, the dismal memories of yesterday replayed with graceful majesty. Regrets, John William Grant has had a few. And – although he’s not letting on – that probably makes him a very happy man.