Check My Ears

[a]Turn[/a] can do 'ballad' without losing their fucked-up edge...

It’s so exquisite, the cusp, the edge of something special, where all that stretches before you is promise and possibility, and you’ve yet to be felled by the dank stench of disappointment. That’s why the first six months of this year have been such a thrill: past-it dullards finally biting the dust (hello, [a]Oasis[/a]) while a whole slew of fresh new bands on both sides of the Atlantic stalk in the wings just waiting to drop their prime opuses.

And this is where we discover [a]Turn[/a] on this mini-LP, a collection of now hard-to-get tracks from their first three singles. They’re not fully-formed yet, but there’s plenty of raw-hewn promise contained on these six tracks. Opener ‘Beretta’ is the one on the radio, a spiky post-Pixies crunch that puts enough of a spin on their influences to suggest [a]Turn[/a] have some thrilling shapes of their own waiting in store. It also shows off frontman Ollie Cole‘s serrated croon to fine effect, a truly singular snarl that seduces as surely as it disquiets.

Elsewhere, the embryonic [a]Turn[/a] run the gamut from the beguiling splintered (‘Beeswax’, proving [a]Turn[/a] can do ‘ballad’ without losing their fucked-up edge) to the awkwardly pedestrian (‘Never Needed You’). It’s early days, for sure, but if [a]Turn[/a] follow the right instincts, their debut proper will blow minds, as opposed to pique interests, as this record does.