Fixation With Long Journeys

[a]Derrero[/a] are invincible, buzzing like crazy and full of ideas.

It may come as a surprise to learn that scenes make themselves, we don’t make them. And so it was with the rising tide of weird and wonderful Welsh firebrands, all carving their particular niche with no help from any conceptual ‘outsiders’.

Enter second-wave hopefuls [a]Derrero[/a]: a quietly evolving band who have managed to meld the panoramic ideas of their native kinfolk into one brash and quite brilliantly harmonious whole. ‘Fixation With Long Journeys’ isn’t a quick cut-and-paste of quirky resources but it does utilise the same, ahem, fuzzy logic. The title track smacks of Gorky‘s barmy folk appropriations and there’s a strong whiff of the Super Furries’ incandescent other-pop with well-placed guitar tanturms.

And, as with many of [a]Derrero[/a]’s muso-comrades, melodies rule the roost. There are starburst ones (‘Radar Intruder’) and there are anthemic ones which sport a wry smile (‘Mud Skipper’ and the rocktastically ace ‘Out To Lunch’). Altogether, it’s a sassy, shimmering affair that honours its musical lineage perfectly.

Like a young lad returning home from a spot of inner-city rioting, [a]Derrero[/a] are invincible, buzzing like crazy and full of ideas. And if that’s not a recipe for success, what is?