You can usually depend on a dance label to reflect its owner....

You can usually depend on a dance label to reflect its owner. Aphex Twin’s Rephlex imprint is haphazard and prone to genius; Grooverider’s Prototype stable produces records as stormy as the fixed frown on the big man’s face. Sadly, the same cannot be said of F Communications, the vinyl arm of former Hagienda chef and international DJ Laurent Garnier’s empire.

While the Parisian has enjoyed continued success as one of techno’s most gregarious personalities, his label has been responsible for some of the limpest music to masquerade beneath the electronica banner. And this double CD, compiled to mark F Comm’s 100th release, is no exception. Apart from Norma Jean Bell’s sassy ‘Baddest Bitch’ and St Germain’s saucy, if cheesy, Latin workout, ‘Soul Salsa Soul’, it’s wall-to-wall whining pseudo jazz and trance-lite.

Laurent’s own ‘Dance 2 The Music’ sounds passable, but next to Aqua Bassino, Juantrip and Scan X’s dreary attempts at ‘deep’ house, so would one of your grandmother’s farts. Another F Communication breakdown.