Much as wackiness should be beaten out of musicians with salted baseball bats...

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Children Of Telepathic Experiences


Children Of Telepathic Experiences

Much as wackiness should be beaten out of musicians with salted baseball bats, wild eclecticism should be corrected early on. They must be taught: stripes and patterns don’t go; [a]Pavement[/a], ambient, hip-hop and [a]Sun Ra[/a] should not meet on the same mixing board.

Good job that wilful Australians [a]Gerling[/a] never listened much to advice, preferring to submerge amplifiers and blow up their girlfriends’ stereos in the quest to make their own noise. Darren Cross and Paul Towner listened to [a]Pavement[/a], though, and to Sonic Youth, two bands whose very DNA is mapped on tracks like ‘Death To The Apple Gerls’ and ‘Craft Werked’ respectively. You’ll have spotted another reference: a couple of years back Canadian schoolboy Burke Reid brought them Kraftwerk, beats and [a]Sun Ra[/a], as well as filling in for [a]Gerling[/a]’s departed guitarist who became a tree surgeon.

Anyway: [a]Gerling[/a]’s slavish copies of their idols would be reprehensible if it weren’t for their fluency and total lack of concern about theft. But there’s another band on this record, too; one that writes rustling programming’n’gizmo ditties like ‘Enter, Space Capsule’ and the fluttering moth electronica of ‘I Heard An Echo Of A Cobra’s Bite’. Sadly, there’s a third too: the wacky one that hasn’t quite shed the need to make prank calls and change time signatures a lot.

But we’ll beat that out of them in time.