You can't go wrong here. Bitch.

Does it exist? So immensely shady is ‘Attitude’, even one of its chief architects, [a]Kid 606[/a], has called its existence into doubt. Yet here it is, a three-inch CD of [a]NWA[/a] songs sliced, diced and utterly destroyed by 14 of the planet’s sicker laptop vandals.

Sample clearance has not been [I]completely[/I] achieved, you suspect, as the Kid electronically defecates all over ‘Straight Outta Compton’ and sets the general tone: one that gets off on the stupid brute energy of [a]NWA[/a] while showing a cataclysmic lack of respect.

Hip-hop’s been mangled before, of course – by DJ Scud, Bomb 20, the contributors to last year’s fine ‘Collision Course’ CD, the amazing Funkstvrung remix of Wu-Tang‘s ‘United’ – but never quite like this. Remember, the Kid‘s just released a track called ‘It’ll Take Millions Of Plastic Surgery To Make Me Black’. So ‘Attitude’ is a 22-minute-long prank that uses precise digital machinery as crudely effective weapons of subversion, whether it’s Team Doyobi turning ‘Fuck Tha Police’ into kinky electro, Lesser throwing ersatz Beastie Boy shapes on ‘Fatgirl On My Jock’, or Pure shredding everything to crashing soundfiles on, yes, ‘Fukb!tchni66akun+’. Not big and definitely not clever all round.

Still, for those who wish intelligent electronica had a lot less intelligence and a lot more, duh, attitude, you can’t go wrong here. Bitch.