For once, everything has fallen into place.

When we last encountered the [a]Dirty Beatniks[/a], things weren’t looking altogether sunny for the Irish collective. Big beat was going through its final death strains, with only [a]Fatboy Slim[/a] and the [a]Lo-Fidelity Allstars[/a] surviving the whole sorry affair with any degree of dignity.

So the Beatniks regrouped, bringing in ex-Earthling vocalist Mau – himself having suffered the unfortunate indignity of being lumped into that whole ‘trip-hop’ affair. Between them, they have produced ‘Feedback’ – a statement of intent if ever there was one.

The Beatniks in 2000 still owe a gratitude of debt to big beat, but now have widened the playing field to include French disco – opener ‘Disco Dancing Machines’ being the perfect example, and as good as it gets. Elsewhere, the Beatniks make the whole idea of adding a vocalist to dance music seem like they invented it. ‘Low Rock’ is as fresh and sharp as recently cut grass, while on ‘Suicide Mission’, the music is stripped down to its most basic. With the exception of Mau‘s ill-advised Bobby Gillespie impressions on ‘We All Beautiful’ and the unfortunate detour back into big beat territory on ‘Let Me Be Your Ashtray’, ‘Feedback’ is the Beatniks’ finest moment. For once, everything has fallen into place.