Spoiling It For Everyone

Muscular by physique, muscular by music: so goes the [B]Punk-Roc[/B] story.

Muscular by physique, muscular by music: so goes the Punk-Roc story. Thankfully, the necessary sinewy criteria is all present and correct on ‘Spoiling It For Everyone’, the follow-up to 1998’s tuff debut ‘Chickeneye’.

Now a fully paid-up Liver-dude, the Brooklyn Deejay has completely ignored his inherited city’s musical heritage and proffers instead an action-packed romp of hedonist NYC party tunes and thousand-yard-stare breakbeat – designed exclusively for, well, two dancefloors: the graffiti’d up, old skool p-funk joint and the blue-lit, seismic, hip-hop hovel.

So where the blatant, retro-funk booty-call of ‘Blow My Mind’ and ‘One More Bump’ pass through all of the smiley colours of the rainbow and pop a few party bangers along the way, the paranoid rumble of ‘Hi-Fi Wrecker’ or the East-Coastin’ excellence of ‘Knock ‘Em All The Way Out’ evoke the hyper-intense head-nods of the seriously-hatted B-boy crew. But it’s the twin peaks that truly shake all preconceptions to the ground: ‘Brooklyn Style’ is the filthy language of inner-city tension and overturned cop cars, while ‘Spring Break’ adds a resplendently healthy sheen of beatific Beasties jazz-hop.

You’re thinking ‘eclectic’ and you’re about to walk away. That would be a big mistake, buddy. Punk-Roc is just honouring his lineage – nothing more, nothing less.