The Teaches Of Peaches's time to partake of some of [B]Peaches[/B]' adult education.

The music – harsh shards of electronic fuzz, coupled with unforgiving whiplash beats – sounds like ATR‘s [a]Alec Empire[/a] playing lounge music for a San Francisco bathhouse. Then, a voice, all sex-starved and hungry, thumb audibly hanging between Lolita-lips, whispers in perfect Kim Gordon-via-Jon Spencer femme tones, “Sucking on my titties like you wanted me…” . Welcome to the world of Peaches, a Canadian MC and sometime-porn star whose life’s ambition to sing the body erotic is fulfilled in this minimalist, sweaty-palmed 11 track paean to instant physical gratification.

Because, make no bones, ‘The Teaches…’ Peaches spits so seductively of mostly belong in the ‘Reproductive Biology’ portion of the curriculum. From the clit-pop avant-noise-disco of ‘Diddle My Skittle’ to Moroder-on-poppers of recent single ‘Lovertits’, Peaches dribbles one-handed fictions over brilliantly dispassionate Teutonic grooves, kinda like Will Powers‘ (of ’80s novelty-hit ‘Kissing With Confidence’ fame) scoring the soundtrack to [I]Deep Throat[/I].

And it’s ace, like you imagine Madonna would’ve sounded if the records had matched the raunch of her videos/concerts/multimedia-experiments. Peaches herself is a fearsomely liberated MC, an irresistible, righteous sex-symbol towering miles above the likes of Britney, Mandy and Christina (who’re half her age). Your mum would probably object, but perhaps it’s time to partake of some of Peaches‘ adult education.