Constant Mutation

Mad, yes, and dangerous to own.

Deprived of light, and never invited to the beach parties currently playing trance and garage, hardcore techno has turned ugly and vengeful. And thankfully it’s looking good for it.

‘Constant Mutation’ captures the process with time-lapse photography, uniting a dozen tracks previously released on the darkcore Deathchant label, and others. The Nietzschean pummel of gabba rhythms – the hardest of ‘cores, beloved of shaven-headed Dutchmen – is never far away. But what caught the ear of 5 man and drum’n’bass pioneer Mike Paradinas were the mad breaks, hyperspeed digitals and garotted hip-hop samples that actually powered the techno pile-driving. This was pure breakbeat being driven to glorious extremes – now further “battered, butchered and escorted to the slaughter” by former champion turntablist Hellfish and hardcore DJ Producer for this continuous (read: unrelenting) mix CD.

Tracks like ‘Turntable Savage’ lay bare the metamorphosis: old skool hip-hop diced into oblivion by a 210bpm guillotine, gleeful digital screes strafing the mix. It’s a close cousin to Kid 606‘s glitch-hop apocalypses (and probably just about as legal in its sample use). The singalong hit (we speak relatively) ‘No More Rock’n’Roll’, meanwhile, recalls Atari Teenage Riot‘s guerrilla beatmanship being hi-jacked by V/Vm’s malevolence. Mad, yes, and dangerous to own.