Mr Bruebaker’s Strawberry Alarm Clock

Every time someone says it's just about the music, the lie is perpetuated....

EVERY TIME SOMEONE SAYS IT’S JUST about the music, the lie is perpetuated. From Little Richard to Fatboy Slim, it’s always been about much more. Gold Blade’s self-proclaimed punk soul brothers understand – haircuts, manifestos, gang poses et al.

Two albums into their impossible mission to become the UK’s answer to Rocket From The Crypt and Jon Spencer via Stax horns, punk and Americana, they’re becoming increasingly adept. Especially on ‘Rock’n’Roll’s A Loser’s Game’, which for once actually uses soul rather than just namechecking it.

But as with all masterplans, there are gaping flaws, and these are mainly ideological. It may seem churlish, but for a band so rigorously stylised, the fact they announce, “Consensus is Death!” yet have written a song about – yawn! – the millennium, and claim they are the sound of the street while totally ignoring drum’n’bass, techno and rap are glaring mistakes. Presumably they were thinking of Ladbroke Grove in 1977.

It’s enough to ensure that, while Gold Blade remain a great idea on paper, the reality is more chucklesome. Something the last gang in town should [I]never[/I] be.