Go With Yourself (The Fingertip Saint Sessions Volume II)

A fresh start.

Martin Carr – for Brave Captain is he – has found himself some new sounds and experiences to play with. Away from the bittersweet pop tuneage of The Boo Radleys, ‘Go With Yourself’ is a far more ethereal affair of the heart; picking up on the soft psychedelia of its predecessor ‘The Fingertip Saint Sessions Volume I’ and colouring it with pure Bacharach pop nous. The result is an emotionally rounded album akin to ‘The Hour Of Bewilderbeast’ and peppered with the deliciously unpredictable.

It’s evident that the Captain (named after a fIREHOSE song, anoraks) believes in an undefinable quality of life, which is probably why he’s tentatively embraced the workable concept of post-rock. After all, what better way to let your dreamy lyrical ideas flow than over desultory musical phrases where the spaces are as important as the orchestral fragments, jazzy acoustics, and glorious synthesised detritus? The brooding call to charms of ‘Assembly Of The Unrepresented’and ‘Tell Her You Want Her’, all sensuous strings and Plush-style fragility, also suggest that Carr has some new records alongside his collection of ’60s cosmo folk-rock. A fresh start.

Darren Johns