Words From The Exit Wound

Look, we all know about the footie/pop crossover, but this is getting out of control....

LOOK, WE ALL KNOW ABOUT the footie/pop crossover, but this is getting out of control. For those of you with an unhealthy interest in the [I]minutiae [/I]of World Cup life (ie, the opening groups), Alexi Lalas is the big fella in the heart of the US soccer team’s defence, the man who brings together Catweazle and Colin Hendry like a flame-haired colossus just in front of the 18-yard box.

Alexi has made an album. Much like the US soccer squad, ‘Ginger’ is light on genius skills but shot through with tenacity, discipline and organisation. Unlike the US soccer squad, ‘Ginger’ also features a few decent tunes. Scenesters may care to observe glossy nods towards the harmonious likes of Foo Fighters, while the tightness of the Alexi jangle may cause oldsters to grunt, “Unkgh! The Smithereens!” in their senile sleep.

Certainly not Hoddle & Waddle, then, and not quite a doddle either, as parts of ‘Ginger’ struggle to find the balance between being too rudimentary and, on the other paw, being over-wordy. Still, Alexi knows what he’s doing, as he beams: [I]”Sing me your sonic lullaby!”[/I] You what?