Free The Twin

In their own brains at least, V-Twin are the last great rock'n'roll mavericks.

In their own brains at least, V-Twin are the last great rock’n’roll mavericks. Named after a motorcycle engine and collapsing under the weight of their own conceptual genius, they believe that rock’n’roll comes from outer space and operates under a cloak of sustained idleness (they’ve managed just four singles in four years). Stephen Pastel even thinks they’re “Glasgow’s answer to the Wu-Tang Clan.”

The truth is obviously slightly less mind-blowing, but still pretty good.

V-Twin are two mini-Bobby Gillespies (singer Jason McPhail and drummer Michael McGaughlin) who make records with their mates. The fact that these mates include guitarist Stevie Jackson from Belle & Sebastian, US noise-punks Royal Trux and producer Jagz ‘Swastika Eyes’ Kooner is just one reason why you should be interested, but it’s not the whole story.

V-Twin’s manifesto is one of slightly insane eclecticism. At various points on this LP (not their debut proper, incidentally, just a compilation of those four singles), they sound like Sun Ra, The Velvet Underground, Gorky’s, Aphex, Primal Scream, Spiritualized and Royal Trux. Unlike The Beta Band, though, they don’t try to sound like all of them at once, they simply switch styles between songs.

So, ‘In The Land Of The Pharaohs’ is 10 minutes of expansive jazz-rock fusion, ‘Lunan’ is dubby electronica highly reminiscent of Primal Scream’s ‘Shine Like Stars’, and ‘Sound As Ever’ (key line: “When it all boils down/My brain’s checked out of town”) sounds like Christmas in Nashville. But the best track by far is their anarchic two-chord electro-punk freak-out, ‘Delinquency’ – a song so good it’s on here three times.

Right now, V-Twin are a band with more ideas than songs, but delusion like this should be encouraged. They’re working on an official debut album. Expect to see it sometime in 2010.

James Oldham