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Enough Is Enough


Enough Is Enough

Initially, mystery surrounded the identity of [a]Dennis Taylor[/a]. Nobody knew who he was, what he looked like and (potential horrors!) how old he was.

But all these minor details evaporated after his debut single ‘Enough Is Enough’ gathered momentum – it was a delicious example of mid-paced, quality soul music, and it is of no surprise that the single continues to blow up British urban radio stations months after release…

Album-wide, ‘Enough Is Enough’ is packed with similarly smooth, soulful grooves. It confidently and refreshingly highlights what has been lost since the mainstream got hold of R&B music. But youths be warned: this is soul music. Which means NO hip-hop beats, NO slick, anodyne melodies, NO tales of playas, scrubs or independent women, but [I]soul[/I] music.

As such, cuts like ‘Yesterday’, ‘Rock You Good’ and the Patti Labelle cover ‘Love Need And Want You’ (containing the lyric [I]”You are my woman/And my one desire is keeping you satisfied”[/I]) take it back to the old skool, when crooners like Barry White, Teddy Pendergrass and Luther Vandross sang about treating their woman like a jewel (and didn’t go into detail about how they’d ‘polish’ her…).

Once again, acclaimed British independent Dome Records has had the foresight to showcase this unique and priceless soul act. Unfortunately, the mainstream has a habit of missing the point where most of these artists are concerned – but independently-minded soulheads can change that…

Adenike Adenitire