Let’s Get Ready

A 21st Century hip-hop James Brown...

While hip-hop headz in the States lamented the fact that Mystikal had left Master P’s No Limit clique, those of us from England greeted the news with glee. It might sound harsh, but in Mystikal, Master P had one of rap’s most innovating and charismatic emcees on his roster.

However, No Limit’s sound – low on production value, heavily synthesised with tinny beats – undermined the value and talent of Mystikal, as it does many on P’s roster. It may sell millions in the States, more specifically New Orleans, but the music travels about as well as someone with a fear of flying.

‘Let’s Get Ready’ is arguably Mystikal’s finest effort to date. Featuring the massive ‘Shake Ya Ass’, the album features producers like The Neptunes, Earthtone and KLC, who add some east coast and southern-fried hip-hop flavours into the mix. Mystikal, for his part, sounds like some 21st Century hip-hop manifestation of James Brown, particularly when he hollers, [I]”Daaaaanger!”[/I] or [I]”Watch yo’ self”[/I] throughout the album.

Okay, Mystikal is on some gangsta shit, but with collaborations with Da Brat and Outkast – and this may sound funny, bearing in mind he’s already shifted close to four million records – Mystikal is a real star in the making.

Derek A Bardowell