Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)


Nick Backstreet Boy’s little bruv, last spotted tearing around as Britney Spears’ tour support, returns with his second album, and Aaron hasn’t even started cultivating designer stubble yet (although he’s probably pinching Nick’s aftershave). Posing in front of the stars’n’stripes like some 12-year-old American Dream, Aaron’s music is a bundle of noisy nursery funk and whiny vocals, interspersed with hip-hop-style interludes. And the sleeve unfolds into a poster, where he sports a horrible, crinkled T-shirt.

“Here’s a little bit of old school for ya,” pipes Aaron unconvincingly on the introduction to his single ‘Aaron’s Party’, all about inviting your mates round instead of doing homework. The fledgling pin-up later attempts some earnest relationship counselling on ‘Tell Me What You Want’, and goes topical on ‘My Internet Girl’ (which at least boasts a catchy chorus).

Aaron’s music is like overdosing on some lurid, teeth-rotting orange ‘drink’ – but his album possesses one intriguing quality: its cover versions. He yells his way through ‘I Want Candy’ (a hit for original under-age rockers Bow Wow Wow in 1982), Alda’s ‘Real Good Time’ and, most bizarrely, ‘The Clapping Song’ with altered lyrics. In this version, Aaron’s mommy doesn’t offer to buy him a rubber dolly, nor is he punished for kissing a soldier. A real pity, as such escapades would have enlivened this messy serving of manufactured pre-pubescence.

Arwa Haider