Ladies And Gentlemen – The Best Of George Michael

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There's a track called 'Do You Want To Be Murdered?' that's like having hell cabled into your sitting room and another called 'Beige Toaster' that might once have been jazz....

THERE’S A TRACK CALLED ‘DO YOU WANT To Be Murdered?’ that’s like having hell cabled into your sitting room and another called ‘Beige Toaster’ that might once have been jazz. The sleeve thanks Noam Chomsky, Sebadoh, Deicide and Sizzla, and the disc inside sounds like Mike Paradinas and Aphex Twin on a mutual cannibalisation tip. This is MDK, rumoured to stand for Murder Death Kill. You think you’re in love? Oh, you probably are.

On Brighton’s Spymania label, the secure unit of the drill’n’bass hospital, this is the noise to drive Norman Cook into his seafront home like a hunted fox. A 31-track swarm of fearless exuberance, ‘Open Transport’ is at least as clever as it thinks it is. Warp-speeding through the emergency-ward slam of ‘Sound Of Saturday’, the horrorcore skulk of ‘Big Chill’ and the comfortably dumb ‘Ultimate Raver’, it also self-medicates enough to daytrip in some lovely 5-Ziq landscapes. The death metal comes later.

Yes, prolonged contact may leave you in a state of claymation meltdown, the faculty of speech a mere abstract concept. As track 18 would have it, ‘Urgggh’. Yet this is beautiful madness and MDK is fucking in Bedlam.