The Main Event

Fingathing are among the most original B-boys on the block.

In a country where the presence of a girl in a band, or the absence of a bassist, can still send traditionalists into a flat spin, Fingathing – Rae & Christian band members Sneaky (double bass) and Peter Parker (turntable) – will send certain people rushing out to local instrument shops to stroke guitars until they calm down. It’s their loss. For while Fingathing may read like an experiment too far, the end product is as wild and energetic as its brilliant cartoon cover. And, more surprisingly, well worth a full album.

As decknician Parker points out, “Our sound comes from the string bass and the turntable, that effectively means we have every sound put on vinyl at our disposal and the entire low-end theory.” Augmented, sporadically, by deftly applied samples, DJ Noize, vocalist Veba and Mr Scruff, with whom they share a fondness for cheeky vocal snippets, Fingathing create a complex, devilishly visceral noise. On the likes of ‘Ffathead’ and ‘Ffling’, Sneaky turns dirty plucker, while Parker fires off spine-snapping beats and scratching. ‘Big Kid’, in contrast, is a carousel of wheezy, whacked-out sounds, while Veba lends some real soul to the exotic swirl of ‘Slippin’.

As playful as Kid Koala, but with all the the phat swing of good jazz and the sharpness of drum’n’bass, Fingathing are among the most original B-boys on the block.

Tony Naylor