Brujeria are a very shady gang of deathcore metalheads who grunt in Spanish/Mexican...

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Brujeria : Brujerizmo


Brujeria : Brujerizmo

For the many uninitiated, here’s the crack: Brujeria are a very shady gang of deathcore metalheads who grunt in Spanish/Mexican, are rumoured to include members of Faith No More (Mike Patton’s bonkers new band Fantômas have suspicious similarities), Napalm Death and Cradle Of Filth, and are the subject of as many tales of murder, mayhem and evil as Elton John has flower pots. Indeed, it makes you wonder why no-one had thought of this before.

The language barrier, of course, makes no odds whatsoever. The terrifying crunch of ‘Pititis, Te Invoco’ or the precision punk grind of ‘El Desmadre’ say one thing and one thing only: we have machetes and we, in all probability, are gonna use them. Not that they’re trying to out-shock Slipknot, more take the hyper-violent idea to its logical, bowel-churning and comically thrilling conclusion.

I mean, even if the cloaked personnel of Brujeria were genuine escapees from Mexico’s toughest jails, it would only serve to give them an ‘in character’ credibility boost with which to bludgeon their peers further. Slipknot’s Corey Taylor may take the odd piss onstage, but it’s Brujeria who, you sense, will stop at nothing to make their presence felt.

Darren Johns