Fiver : Eventually Something Cool Will Happen

Pretty, wistful, but just a little indistinct.

When you’re only the second band, after Grandaddy, to emerge from Modesto, California, Jason Lytle’s your producer and your distracted, melancholic songs make use of spaced-out harmonies and queasy psychedelic keyboards, people are automatically going to think, “Fiver – Grandaddy copyists”.

However, any band who can write a song with such a sunburst of a chorus as ‘Horse Pill Vector’ or handle the floating-in-fairy-dust odyssey, ‘Chalet Motel’, with the necessary delicacy, deserve serious consideration. Moreover, Grandaddy’s influence has to fight it out in Fiver’s world with echoes of The Breeders’ plodding mystery, Buffalo Tom’s amber tones and, particularly on ‘Builder’, the downcast, under-the-duvet atmosphere and fragile melodies of early My Bloody Valentine.

Like ‘Isn’t Anything’, ‘Eventually…’ is a fuzzy, introspective record and perfect for winter. In its company, an overcast Thursday afternoon, rain pelting on the windows, becomes a cosy few hours of hummable tunes and mental meandering.

It’s a conundrum, in fact, that if Fiver pushed themselves further into the public consciousness (there’s no sleeve info, no lyric sheet, just half-heard stories of whispered kisses and wishes, angels and shadows), it could break their other-worldly spell, but it might have made for a record that creates a deeper impression. As it is, ‘Eventually…’ is pretty, wistful, but just a little indistinct.

Tony Naylor