McLusky : My Pain And Sadness Is More Sad And Painful Than Yours

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Sure, the title is ironic...

Sure, the title is ironic. But its aim is good. ‘My Pain And Sadness…’ wields irony as a savage weapon rather than a smug, self-serving joke; this is the sound of McLusky’s kangaroo court convened – a self-appointed culling force, dead set on weeding out cynical three-chord punk fakers by sounding a lot like Sonic Youth re-recording ‘Daydream Nation’ at double speed. In an abbatoir.

Blood, guts, righteous fury – they’re all things the Yanks are currently churning out in factory-line proportions, and at first, it seems this Cardiff-based noise-rock three-piece may have trouble keeping up. Occasionally, the tin-pot recording – which sees the two-minute bellow of ‘Rice Is Nice’ drenched in fuzz – leaves McLusky sounding uncharacteristically weedy. Still, these are mere blips; elsewhere, cut from the ragged industrial-strength cloth of Big Black, come chasm-wide odes to idol-toppling (‘whiteliberalonwhite liberalaction’), thunderous walls of noise that sound like a gigantic Pixies playing just the other side of the horizon (‘Medium Is The Message’), and a final lurch through the apocalyptic scree of ‘World Cup Drumming’.

This, then, is McLusky’s ‘Bleach’; dirty, chaotic, somewhat piecemeal – but still liberally peppered with moments of savage, angry genius. Someone stick these men in a studio with Ross Robinson, and we’ll have something magnificent on our hands.

Louis Pattison