Sludgefeast : Rock’N’Roll

Sludgefeast probably sound like rock Valhalla revisited.

Like the rotten apple at the bottom of the barrel, it seems that Sludgefeast’s sole purpose is to infect everything in close proximity with their putrefying power. Such reliance on filtering everything – and we mean everything – through a thick layer of scuzzy crunch and woofer-worrying bassness even threatens to outstrip kindred maverick spirits Royal Trux on the odd occasion.

It’s a bit of a shame, then, when the delivery doesn’t quite complement the concept. Sure, there’s a sliver of postmodernism to the, weirdly enough, UK quintet’s sleazy schtick. Sure, you’ve got to respect 16 songs in 18 minutes. And sure, you’ve got to admire their utter commitment to dumb and dumber garage rock where songs like ‘Give It Some Shit Man’ and ‘My God We Got Some Rockin” reveal as much charm and depth as a piss puddle. But were it not for ‘Rock’N’Roll”s brevity, the copycat Kramer guitar licks and endless sex-rock clichés might wear perilously thin.

For weedy, skin-damaged greasers who can’t see beyond the primitive urges of The Stooges and MC5 (yeah, them again), Sludgefeast probably sound like rock Valhalla revisited. But bereft of context and top tuneage, this hardly qualifies as a necessary experiences for the rest of us.

Darren Johns