Circulation : Present Abstract Funk Theory

London's prime tech-house pioneers drop a solid comp of funky classics...

Circulation – prime movers in London’s tech-house underground – provide us with a glimpse into what makes them tick, the tracks that inspired them to make their own sublime slices of motoronic tech-funk. Following in the footsteps of previous ‘Abstract Funk Theory’ compilers like Ross Allen, Mixmaster Morris and Ian O’Brien, Circulation (Matt Jackson and Paul Davis) mix upfront yet underground anthems with bona fide classics.

They kick off with ‘Lost In Lyrix’ by The Timewriter, a dreamy slice of twisted electro, before Carl Craig’s classically sumptuous ‘Televised Green Smoke’ gets a look-in, a rolling slab of urban machine funk. The upfront sounds come from deep houser At Jazz and Circulation themselves, contributing another liquid techno workout in the shape of ‘Uncoloured’.

What this collection gives us is ample evidence of the “timelessness” of top grade dance music and how that quality is sorely lacking in much of today’s electronic music. But above all, what it does illustrate is that The Funk comes in many shapes and sizes, capable of moving both the frazzled mind and heated foot.

Kieran Wyatt