David Kitt : Small Moments

Naturally, it gets unbearably twee at times...

Small moments, maybe, but certainly not inconsequential. David Kitt deals in hushed acoustic arpeggios, half-heard synth ambience, stumbling programmed drum loops. It’s not a sound which impacts with any great fanfare, but like kindred spirits Salako and It’s Jo And Danny, every little whispery glitch, drum flare, and keyboard buzz builds to a graceful sum greater than its makeshift parts.

Naturally, it gets unbearably twee at times, especially when Kitt allows his nine-year-old brother to duet with him on the folk-beat nursery rhyme ‘Another Love Song’. But then, that’s what happens when you spend all day in a bedroom with a four-track and a six-string no-one’s around to tell you when your ideas go astray.

For the most part, though, this mini-album, like Kathryn Williams’ self-produced debut last year, is an unassuming triumph of cheap indie values and lithe melodies. Opener ‘There Are Words’ layers looped guitar chimes and hissing, hesitating beats, a kinda scuffed folk mantra, while ‘Days For Two/In The Morning’ is almost like [I]Bagpuss[/I] in its tinkling shanty-ness. Great things may flourish from these moments.

Christian Ward