Danielson Famile : Tri-Danielson III

They have fans. Quite why is unclear.

The Danielson Famile come at you with references to die for. They’ve been variously pitched as The Carter Family (yes, they are actually a family, though Smith is their given name), with Captain Beefheart twists and a Cajun Black Francis threading it all together. They have been deified in UK style mags and the venerable old [I]Country Music Journal[/I]. They have fans. Quite why is unclear.

Just because singer Daniel attempts to scream like the Pixies frontman at his petulant best does not mean he is a 21st century Black Francis. Frank had righteous soul; Smith, on the other hand, is close to [I]South Park[/I]’s Cartman. And just because the band spring from a history of gospel and folk and, at times, lamely allude to capitulations in the garden of Eden – ‘Body English’ – they will not, by right, inherit the Carter Family crown.

This is the worst sort of music, lacking in depth and balls and frequently resorting to oh-so-cute fairground wheezes and dollops of kitsch to paper over searing cracks in what you sense is intended as a gothic and unnerving march. In fact, ‘Tri-Danielson III’ leaves you with a horrible feeling that it is all a big scam. Not quite an unforgiveable bag of balls, but not a hair’s-breadth away.

Paul Moody