Elf Power : A Dream In Sound

You're advised to slip under their musical duvet.

There might be a whole world out there, but sometimes it’s easier to ignore it entirely. Therefore, judging by songs about wishing wells, birds with candy bars for heads and minor accidents on camping trips, it’s safe

to assume Elf Power aren’t

too concerned with day-to-day events outside their Athens, Georgia hometown.

Unsurprisingly for such dreamers – they’ve been around since 1994, but this is their debut UK album – they’ve also taken their time to work a similar kind of blatant disassociation with current musical procedures. Linked by producer Dave Fridmann to Mercury Rev and The Flaming Lips, they might not have the same scope as those bands, but creaking through the sound archaeology

of ‘Willowy Man’ or the odd-phrasing lilt of ‘Will My Feet Still Carry Me Home’, this is similarly at home with winsome psychedelia, folk and, for good measure, West Coast pop.

They’re also fellow travellers with Gorky’s, and not just because they don metaphorical wizard hats to sing about trading in humanity to become “a fish, a weed, a sparrow” on ‘Noble Experiment’. Instead it’s because, like that Welsh bunch, they’re working to a weird graph where increased oddity somehow equals pastoral beauty, melody-dripping tunes and the exemplary pin-prick fuzz of ‘Jane’ and ‘Simon (The Bird With The Candy Bar Head)’.

Like a comforting dream state, this is Elf Power’s world. You’re advised to slip under their musical duvet.

Jim Alexander