Jelinek, Jan : loop-finding-jazz-records

Totally self-indulgent: but then aren't all the best things in life?

What? Another faintly intellectual, 50 minutes of dub electronica with a jazz twist? By some faceless bloke? From Berlin? How many of them can be there be?

And, really, how many records whose sleeves give up absolutely nothing up in the way of attitude and personality should a young person own?

But, hey, wait – come back.

I understand. It’s just, Jan ‘Gramm/Farben’ Jelinek is a

bit special.

Special, you understand, rather than different. As in, ‘loop-finding-jazz-records” peach sleeve is particularly swish, its contents unusually sweet. Pole – unsurprisingly as it’s on Stefan Betke’s ~scape label – is the most obvious reference point. Pole with art A-level mind, as Jelinek’s clicking, ticking gaseous clouds of dub-hum, assembled from second-long sampled loops of ’60s and ’70s jazz, are structured to ape three-dimensional depth without using traditional perspective.

Er, right. Anyway, all you need know, is that, these onomatopoeic non-specific songs – ‘They, Them’, ‘Them, Their’ and ‘Drift’ – are warm, paradisical creations. A totally tropical taste, without the coconuts and steel bands, but with mucho hazy pleasure rolling in like clear waves on surreally endless pure-white beaches.

If, what they’re apparently calling, “crackle poetry” was re-dubbed nu-jacuzzi, ‘loop-finding-jazz-record’ would be the scene’s pivotal release. Totally self-indulgent: but then aren’t all the best things in life?

Tony Naylor