Baha Men : Who Let The Dogs Out

The Bahamas' answer to Radiohead unleash (as in let off the leash as one might do with a dog, ie to 'let one's dog out') their seventh - seventh!!! - album...

When the Baha Men released the now legendary single ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’, who could have predicted that, all these years later, they’d still be at the top of the world’s hit parade and Rick Carey, Marvin Prosper and Anthony ‘Monks’ Flowers would be household names as familiar to us as Jagger, Beckham or Gately?

Only joking, of course. Or am I? Astoundingly, this is the Baha Men’s seventh album. Seven albums? Can they all be about dogs? Sadly not. This album’s subject matter ranges from parties (‘Get Ya Party On’), to shaking mammas (‘Shake It Mamma’), to digital recording tape (‘You All Dat’). But if you’re still craving canine-based innuendo, there are two versions of THE HIT (one with extra barking!) to be found here.

But novelty songs are a bit like one-night stands. What seemed like harmless fun in the heat of the moment can, in the morning, result in feelings of acute embarrassment and regret. Buying an album by that novelty act is akin to asking the one-night stand to hang around the house for a few days: they’ll become boring, start to smell, and eat all your biscuits. That’s unfair. Obviously the Baha Men would never eat your biscuits (not without asking) and among the traditional Caribbean flavour, elements of this album pleasantly suggest a Baha Village People or, at times, PJ & Duncan.

What? That still hasn’t sold it to you? Oh, you’re no fun any more!

Timothy Mark