Ja Rule : Between Me And You

Almost a replica of Jay-Z's Mariah Carey-guesting 'Things That U Do', this one could get thug rap in the charts...

Anyone that heard Jay-Z’s fourth album, ‘Life & Times Of S. Carter’ would have heard his excellent, but unreleased duet with Mariah Carey, ‘Things That U Do’. A Swizz Beats production that takes a thick beat, Japanese rhythms to combine with Mariah’s cute vocals, and Jigga’s ghetto romantic lyrics, ‘Between Me And You’ is an almost exact replica.

Not quite as mellifluous as ‘Things That U Do’, in part because of Rule’s deep, hoarse vocals, it’s still the closest a thug rapper like he will get to our national charts. And it’s one of the few tunes from his sophomore album ‘Rule 3:36’ that is not about ‘niggaz’ or ‘murda’.

Hardcore hip-hop headz might not feel it as it doesn’t have the thugged out sensibilities or vigour of previous hits like ‘Holla Holla’, but it’s a little less predictable than the majority of his work. And for his part, it shows that he’s not a one-dimensional rapper. Good tune.

Derek A Bardowell