The Advent : Time Trap Technik

Retro-futuristic techno/electro from Portugal's Cisco Ferreira...

The Advent were always one of the most underrated of the electronic acts that emerged in the early ’90s, and never got the kudos (or the cash) that their endless DJ schedules and pristine techno deserved. Now solely the project of Cisco Ferreira, and based back in his native Portugal following the departure of partner Colin McBean, he’s found a home on DJ Hell’s ultra-cool International Deejay Gigolo imprint and ‘Time Trap Technik’ comprises the first new material for four years.

As the dated cool of the title suggests, ‘…Technik’ takes you through a time tunnel of recent electronic history, starting with a pinch of Belgian newbeat and darting via Derrick May and back to Giorgio Moroder and beyond. Welding vocodered voices, relentless rhythms and rigid sequencers with just a whiff of menace, at times ‘Time Trap Technik’ is like an aural history lesson. ‘Kombination True’, for example, stomps like a less aggressive and uptight Front 242, whilst the self-explanatory ‘Elektro’ could have been included on Juan Atkin’s first Cybotron LP.

Curiously though, like Jeff Mills’ recent ‘Metropolis’ soundtrack, Ferreira’s brand of retro-futurism still sounds remarkably fresh. Not too sure about that oiled up Tony Ferrino-esque posing pouch cover artwork though.

Neil Gardner